The Beginning


Well . . . I said I’d never do it, and here I am, creating a blog.  There are a lot of things I said I’d never do – buy a smart phone (I have an iPhone 5), become a pilot (oops), curse (working on it), and drink coffee (thanks, 2am show times).  So I guess here I am . . . blogging.  I cringe thinking about it; I’ve always found it somewhat narcissistic and frankly, a waste of time.  However, there are a few reasons for it, that hopefully will make it neither of those things (or at least not a waste of time).

First, I’m about to leave on my first of probably many deployments to a primo location in . . . Asia.  Not telling you where.  If you really want to know, email me, or ask my parents.  I’m sure wordpress is an exceptionally secure site . . . Oh, wait.  No, it’s not.  I figured it would be easiest to keep in touch while I’m gone with mass emails, and a blog is sort of like an email, except way fancier and more fun to both make and read.

Second, I’m a writer, but my memory for details isn’t exceptional . . . if I ever want to write an experience-based book, I’ve got to start planning now.

And third, I really like telling stories about my dog, and if I post them on the internet at least I can pretend like someone else cares.  I don’t want to know if you don’t, so don’t tell me.

If you’ve received this address from me, it’s because you’re a close friend or family member and you’re allowed to see/know things I’m not willing to post on Facebook.  I find myself censoring my Facebook posts to prevent Joe Schmoe who went to preschool with my little brother or my boss, who’s decided to use every work-related post I make to tell me to quit whining, from seeing them, and therefore I feel like something a little more controlled might be worth it.

Hopefully I’ll have some good stories for you over these next few months – funny, I’m sure, as well as thoughtful and maybe heartwarming (I prefer to be optimistic).  Maybe I’ll hear from you, too – that’s kind of the point.


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